The perfectly fitting suit for men – what should be considered?

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Whether at a theater premiere, business meeting or business trip, a suit for men is the basis of a well-kept wardrobe and should not be missing in every man’s wardrobe. Suits are available in many different styles, cuts and fits that create very different looks. But what is crucial for the suit to sit really well? Today we would like to give an overview of the different fits of men’s suits and a few tips for choosing the right one. Learn what makes each cut stand out and decide which fit really suits you.

The high-quality Carl Gross men’s suits, for example, are perfectly suited as basic equipment for a business wardrobe and always look good. If you have determined the perfect fit for yourself, you can mark the appropriate filter option in the Carl Gross Online Shop. Whether comfort fit, modern fit or slim fit, the products are completely limited to your personal selection, so you can quickly find the perfect suit. But first let’s take a look at some style variations and cut styles for men’s suits!

Comfort fit – Suit for men with a loose fit


Comfort Fit suits for men are characterized by a high degree of freedom of movement and special comfort. These include, for example, a jacket without sidecut and a pair of pants with comfortable leg width. This fit is suitable for men with stately figure, wide cross or generally large circumference.

Modern fit – waisted suit for men


Modern Fit is still called Regular Fit and stands between Slim Fit and Comfort Fit. The jackets are slightly waisted worked.

Slim fit – figure-hugging, tight suit for men


The cut Slim Fit emphasizes the body shape and is particularly suitable for slim men. The modern suit fit is characterized by a tailored jacket and slim pants. The tops are also slightly shorter than the regular and comfort fit models.

Golden rules that the suit is right


You can make a tailored suit with various details such as sleeve and sakelength, shoulders and chest.

  • The jacket sleeves should reach at least to the thumb. Also do not sit too tight or too far. Pull out the shirt cuff 1 cm below the sleeve .
  • There are differences in the sakolength depending on the fits. In general, the jackets should end 5 cm below the sleeve. If you can not grab the hem, then the jacket is too long.
  • The shoulder part is decisive for the look. The seam should not be taut and should fall slightly over the shoulder, so that the suit does not lose its shape and does not fold at the back.
  • When standing with the jacket closed, do not stretch or flutter at the chest.
  • The pants should not be too short or too long. Ideally, it should end at the heel and throw a small wrinkle forward. The perfect suit trousers should also be stretched neither in the crotch nor on the buttocks and always on the waist do not sit on the hip.

jacket models

Anzug für Herren casual-modern-fit-zweiknopftsakko-blau-pullover

Basically, single-breasted and double-breasted suits. The two-rowers have two parallel rows of buttons and are the most serious form of the jacket. When wearing and also while sitting, all buttons should remain closed.

The single-breasted creatures can be closed with one or more buttons and are the darlings of modern gentlemen. They can be put together for formal as well as for sporty outfits. With the two-button jacket, the lowest button is always open.

Blazer and trousers combine


Using the modular principle, men can combine different individual parts to their own taste and thus put together a very individual look. For a jacket, for example, you can order two trousers from Carl Gross or choose them in different sizes. It is important that the jacket, trousers and shirt are color coordinated. Here are a few examples from the Spring / Summer 2016 catalog showing perfectly designed outfits.

Casual with jeans


Casual with jeans for casual Friday or a business trip, classy with the suit trousers for the wedding – a jacket can be worn on various occasions and different styles of pants.


If the jeans are too casual and the trousers too formal, choose Chinos. It is also regarded as capable of business and is a comfortable alternative to suit trousers, especially in summer.

Source: Carl Gross Online Shop

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