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Forming Nails – Tips and Tricks for Perfect Fingernails

Nail design is part of the styling and similar to the clothing are also several designs possible. Fingernails can take a variety of forms, but not every hand fits. Whether your hands look slender, delicate, or to the contrary shorter and plump, it depends on how you shape your nails . We ‘ve summarized 7 […]

Make nail art in the fall yourself with patterns and motifs – 6 instructions

Make evening hairstyles yourself – 18 tips and tricks for an effective look

An evening hairstyle transforms every woman and makes her appear feminine and beautiful. For the perfect look to be achieved, not only does the hairstyle have to stand, but the lady has to feel really good with it. To style the hair elegantly, to meet the individual requirements and ideas perfectly, is probably one of […]

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 and hair colors that make you younger

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