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Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

The hairstyle is one of the most important accessories of every woman and completes her whole appearance in a special way. In principle, depending on the face shape and color, each woman has different haircuts and hair colors. However, many ladies are counting on the current trend hairstyles that will be determined during Fashion Weeks […]

Pony cut – Instructions for a straight & a slanted cut

Hairstyles Trends: Timeless and cool beard styles for confident men

A well- groomed beard is not just an expression of masculinity, it also stands for personality and self-confidence. Meanwhile, there are many different hairstyles and shapes that are suitable for the respective face shapes and trendy beard styles. In today’s article we have summarized for you the most popular hairstyle trends , among which you […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

What are Balayage Technique & Ombré – The pros and cons of hair trends

Everyone has heard the terms before. Ombré and Balayage are among the most popular effects for hair dyes , and no wonder, as they turn the mane into a real eye-catcher with a neat look. Mancheiner, however, raises the question of what the difference between the two variants really is. We would like to explain […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

Shoe trends for the summer – these are the current designs for 2017

Whether sandals with playful heel jewelery, kitten heels with detailed straps, sneakers in trend color silver or platform sandals with through soles – this season’s selection of trendy designs is bigger than ever. The only thing the designers agreed on during fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, New York and Berlin – the shoes for the […]

Club Of Gents designs elegant fashion for the modern gentleman

Current summer hairstyles for 2017 – 11 trendy trends at a glance

Every week there are new hair trends. Forget about the long beach waves , the tough butts or the plaited hair wreaths! Because 2017 surprises with new summer hairstyles that vary from casual-elegant to rock-cool. One thing is certain: the summer will be casual. These are casual undo-look butts and single strands pulled out. Also […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

Jewelry trends for the summer: these are the accessories with wow factor!

Eye-catching choker and pendant in bold colors, extravagant bracelets with attractive finishes, oversized colorful statement rings – in the coming summer, the accessories will be real eye-catchers, spice up the outfit. What lies behind the current jewelry trends, which jewels are considered absolute must-haves in 2017, and how they are properly combined with bag and […]

Earring Guide: Worth knowing about plugs, Creoles & Co.

Summer Outfits Ladies – 20 Hot Trends & Tips for Perfect Styling

Hardly is it spring and one always thinks of the summer. The ladies are impatiently awaiting the latest 2017 fashion summer trends, which were shown at international fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and London. Inspired by this, Street Fashion presents the current summer outfits ladies on the streets of the big cities, far […]

Club Of Gents designs elegant fashion for the modern gentleman

Beautiful Nail Designs and Current Nail Polish Trends: Glass Nails and Co.

The nail polish trends are changing fast, always offering new and enchanting ideas for a modern nail design. Korea has established itself as a beauty trendsetter country in recent years and determines the trends in the world of manicure. If you want to know more about the latest nail art trends , then you are […]

Nail design for short nails in summer look – Trends, Tips & Ideas

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