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Choker necklace make yourself – 3 simple ideas with instructions for re-styling

Fashion is constantly changing and good forgotten pieces keep appearing. Trends are therefore always reinventing themselves and bringing new impulses for fashion-conscious women and men. Since the second half of 2016 collars, which are very close to the neck, a trend that we know from the 90s . The former Choker chain or even negatively […]

Earring Guide: Worth knowing about plugs, Creoles & Co.

Make simple nail designs yourself: Water Decals for a professional look

Well-groomed fingernails are the calling card of the modern woman and the nail design – an expression of her taste. Unfortunately, not everyone is artistically gifted to paint small art and complicated motifs on his fingernails with nail polish and brush. With the help of Water Decals, still called Water Transfer Nail Stickers, you can […]

Nail design for short nails in summer look – Trends, Tips & Ideas

Make Abiball hairstyles yourself – 17 simple ideas with instructions

Complicated, exaggerated hairstyles are far from trendy. Stylists rely on and well-groomed, sparkling mane, which falls as naturally as possible and not “concreted” with hair spray, as in the 60s looks. Opt for an authentic look and try some of our Abiball hairstyles . We offer 15 ideas and simple instructions at a glance. Make […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

New Year’s Eve make hairstyles yourself – 7 simple instructions for long hair

Welcome the New Year perfectly styled! A successful hairstyle can nicely underline your outfit and makeup . We’ll show you some simple New Year hairstyling instructions that you can easily imitate at home. If you have beautiful, long hair, you can try out these elegant bun, upholstery and braiding hairstyles. New Year’s hairstyles make yourself […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

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