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Make-up trends for Fall / Winter 2017 that you should not miss

The make-up trends for Autumn / Winter 2017 reflect a nostalgic retro look, which is characterized by curved eyeliner lines, blue eyeshadows and bulging lashes. On the other hand, new make-up techniques such as “Upside Down” and Two-Tone Lips make real statements. The restrained nude tones, which can be perfectly combined with the new trends, […]

Party make-up ideas with different colors & decorative elements

Ingredients in cosmetics – What you should know about natural cosmetics

Although the term biocosmetics or natural cosmetics is not yet clearly defined, and therefore not legally defined, care products are generally referred to that contain no preservatives and all the raw materials used should be of plant, animal or mineral origin. There are a number of reasons why people prefer to use natural cosmetics instead […]

Facial care from 30 – Tips for beautiful skin without wrinkles

Half-length skirts should not be missed – the midi trend

This is another interesting trend for the summer season. The street style seems to have changed even further and that’s why this time we introduce you to midi rock. Its length reaches below the knee. Half-length skirts are among the most elegant and feminine garments, but you should be careful what you combine with them. […]

Tie ties with extravagant knots – 8 instructions for the advanced

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