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Make-up and conceal the slip-on eyelids – Helpful tips and instructions

Schlupflider arise partly with age, but are also a result of predisposition. It is naturally flaky or sagging due to aging, which is over the eyelid and ensures that the eyelid is not visible when the eye is open. Surely, there are cosmetic procedures that are used against the slip riders. This is especially a […]

Make-up trends for Fall / Winter 2017 that you should not miss

Clean silver jewelry – 9 home remedies and helpful tips

Anyone who owns silver jewelry or cutlery knows the problem of tarnished spots on the precious metal. However, this is due to its nature – silver reacts with the hydrogen sulfide from the air and thereby discolored. It is not damaged in itself, but its appearance suffers from the black patina. Of course, there are […]

Make necklace with tassel yourself – instructions and ideas for copying

Make nail polish yourself – instructions and helpful tips

Beauty products are abundant in the market and there is something for every taste. But changing the taste for colors makes it difficult to keep the makeup and nail polish range up-to-date. Stylish is even if the two are adapted to each other and helpful styling tips are well used in such cases. We reveal […]

Make nail art in the fall yourself with patterns and motifs – 6 instructions

Make curls with curling iron – Helpful tips & instructions for success

Curly hair looks incredibly beautiful and feminine and are among the most popular hairstyles. Those who are not naturally blessed with curls must also lend a hand, which is no longer a problem today thanks to a variety of products. Especially fast and easy you get beautiful curls with a curling iron. However, there are […]

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 and hair colors that make you younger

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