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Club Of Gents designs elegant fashion for the modern gentleman

It’s not that complicated to be a gentleman in our modern world. The modern gentleman has taste, best manners and dresses elegantly. He has at least a suit in his wardrobe and can tie his tie himself . He always looks confident and competent. Studies show that clothing can influence one’s own behavior and self-perception. […]

Boho bikinis on trend: what details make for a boho feeling?

Gucci belt – timelessly elegant accessories for men and women

The Gucci belts have fascinated the fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen for years. The high-quality designs are simple but very elegant and can be easily combined with city-suitable, as well as ultra-modern outfits . Also in 2015, the renowned fashion label launched a new collection of accessories. Gucci belts are among the most popular accessories of […]

Tie tie – the 4 main knots with simple instructions

Shorthair hairstyles for an elegant and trendy look

Shorthair hairstyles for ladies are extremely chic and attractive. They no longer have the reputation of making a woman look like a boy, but on the contrary. If the hairstyle is chosen correctly, it can even highlight your feminine facial features. Timeless shorthair hairstyles for women of different ages The variants for shorthair hairstyles are […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

A sparkling New Year’s Eve nail art for elegant fingernails

To make it especially festive and elegant on New Year’s Eve, the nails should fit in addition to the make-up and the festive outfit. The selection of lacquers and nail designs is very diverse and offers imaginative possibilities. We show you 25 different ideas for sparkling New Year’s Eve nail art that are quite simple […]

Nail design for short nails in summer look – Trends, Tips & Ideas

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