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Make-up and conceal the slip-on eyelids – Helpful tips and instructions

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Schlupflider arise partly with age, but are also a result of predisposition. It is naturally flaky or sagging due to aging, which is over the eyelid and ensures that the eyelid is not visible when the eye is open. Surely, there are cosmetic procedures that are used against the slip riders. This is especially a variant, if the slip riders limit your vision. However, if you do not struggle with such problems, it may be sufficient to know how to apply makeup on hanging eyelids so they will not stand out. In this article, we’ve put together a few tips and tutorials that will help you put on make-up slip loops by applying perfect eye make-up . So, how do you make up the best slip loafer? That’s what you learn now!

Make-up slip loupers – instructions

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The instructions for the slip rug make-up is not that complicated. As is generally known, the movable eyelid is applied directly over the eye. But that does not make sense with slip guides, because they would simply obscure the eyeshadow or other make-up. Therefore, the slip itself must be made up. That may sound strange and cause insecurity in some people. But you should definitely try it. That’s the best way to make up the slip-on eyelids , which will automatically make your eyes look bigger.

Make-up slip pastes – step by step to the best result

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No matter what kind of eye make-up, the foundation is an important step that you even start. Because with the primer, make sure that the eye shadow is better later, especially if you make up slip loafers, you should not miss this step. The excess skin causes friction that would blur the eyeshadow and other make-up. Furthermore, it is recommended that you raise the eyebrows to distract additional from the Schlupflidern. But here too there is a rule: eyebrow powder is to be preferred. It makes the eyebrows look more natural, although they are emphasized at the same time. Using a pen for eyebrows creates too much contrast and the eyebrows so optically press on the slip eyelids. It creates exactly the opposite effect.

Make-up looseners properly with eyeshadow

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It is best to use bright eye shadows as well as those from the brown palette. They are perfect for everyday wear and if you want to put on the slip loungers discreetly. We already mentioned that the upper part should be emphasized. After the foundation apply brown eyeshadow above the mobile eyelid. Next, use a finger to pull up the overlapping skin and apply a slightly lighter eye shadow to the visible eyelid, which is darker than your skin. It is important that you create a smooth transition from the brown to the lighter color and create a semicircular shape, so as the eyelid crease naturally runs. Note that this eye shadow, which is on the overlapping skin, should not contain glitter. If you apply make-up in this way, just lift it up.

Make-up of the Schlupflider with eyeliner

schlupflider schminken augenbrauen-puder-natürlich-farbe-augen-ideen

Now you can also apply an eyeline. Use a kohl pencil, which gives you a soft line. Alternatively, you can also use make-up for eyeliner make up using an eyeliner. But then you have to make sure that the eyeliner is made as thin as possible . And you should also slightly blur this on the edge, which is wonderful to achieve with a cotton swab. A hard line again ensures that the slip-off is highlighted, which you want to avoid. Thick eyelids are not only optically unsuitable for slip-eyelids because they are sometimes invisible. They would also blur over time and ruin the entire make-up.

Make-up tips for the eyes with eyeliner on the lower lid


You should also emphasize the lower eyelid when you make-up eyelids. This is best done with a line of eyelids. But beware! Be sure to wear a straight line of eyelids. If it swings instead, it creates an owl effect, which is of no use, especially for eyes with loopholes. Pull the eyelid line towards the outer corner of your eye so that you can connect it to the upper eyelid line. The so-called waterline should be left out, especially if you put on distinctive slip-ons. If this is designed with a dark eyeliner, the eye looks smaller. And you want to make your eyes look bigger. For the water line of the lower lid, instead choose a bright kohl (best white), which visually opens the eye.

The eyelashes of the eyes make-up


The eye also looks bigger when you are bent upwards. This eyelash momentum you get with an eyelash curler. Especially if your eyelashes are straight by nature, the eyelash curler before the mascara is recommended. The eyelashes then make up vigorously with a black mascara. You’ll be surprised how well it opens your eyes. That’s why you should not give it up when you put on the slip-ons.

Make-up slip-ons – Smokey-Eyes


Especially for the evening, you can make up the slip dresses dark. The trendy Smokey-Eye is perfect for this and also suitable for slipping eyelids. The procedure for the slip-on make-up is the same here as described above. The darker colors emphasize the excess of skin again. Be a bit braver here and put the eye shadow on outside of the lid. Pull the eyeshadow outwards.

Make up slip loungers for older women – idea with Magicstripe


Sometimes you just do not have the time or desire to make-up. So if you are looking for an alternative to the slip-on make-up, the so-called magic strips are a wonderful idea. These are thin, transparent strips that are glued and glued to the eyelid. They are slightly bent and adapt to the shape of the eye. They hold the excess skin, so to speak, so that your eye looks more open. These strips can also be applied before applying make-up. Clean the eyelids well before attaching. Greasy or painted skin prevents the streaks from sticking well. The strips are attached to the natural eyelid fold, which you will find best when you close the eye. For stronger slip guides, the strip is again fixed directly over the fold. Then you can successfully make-up slip-ons in old age.

Schlupflider make-up for glasses


Wearers of glasses should follow additional rules when applying make-up, no matter if it is slip riders or not. Because, depending on the type of glasses, a different effect arises, which can be corrected with the right eye make-up. If you are short-sighted, the lens will cause your eyes to look smaller. Far-sighted people get exactly the opposite – the eyes look bigger. What you should look out for when wearing a slip-on eyeliner, in addition to wearing glasses, is shown in the video below. There will be great tips for slip loungers and make-up glasses presented.

Make-up tips according to eye color


You may be wondering how to make up your eyes to match eye color. Sometimes, instead of a subtle eye make-up, you also want to create some color. Then, instead of the browns and beiges, simply use colors as follows: It’s best to always use complimentary colors. These are always the colors that face each other in the color wheel. Blue eyes with a slip-on make-up are best made with apricot or orange color palettes. Bronze tones are also great if you make-up slip loins and have blue eyes. It is important in Schlupflidern again that you do without glitter.

Make-up on green and brown eyes with a slip-on


If you want to make-up slip loins again and brown eyes emphasize, are violet shades very well suited. This is especially true for light brown eyes. They bring out the warm, brown color particularly well. Also blue and green tones are suitable. On the other hand, green eyes with a slip-on make-up are best painted with shades from the red palette. Copper, orange-red and similar colors are the best choice for a perfect result.

Slip-flop before-after


Here you can see again, which wonders the right eye make-up can do. With the right tips, slip-on eyelids are a thing of the past. Brown shades as well as artificial eyelashes were used to distract from the loopholes. Artificial eyelashes are actually a great option that you can use when putting on slip-ons.

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