Make hairstyles yourself – 22 inspirations and instructions

Festival Frisuren -selber-machen-anleitung-coachella-zoepfe-locker-geflochten-detail

In spring and especially in summer there are several open space events. The most popular festival among all in the US is festival hairstyles that become true trends for the coming warm season.

Make festival hairstyles yourself – beach-like waves of nature

Festival Frisuren selber machen -anleitung-naturwellen-beach-waves-schlapphut-sonnenbrille

For the festival hairstyles, the undone look generally applies – the more casual the better, as if you did not do anything with your hair. Complicated, elaborate hairstyling and smoothed hair leave you for other occasions. Put on open, long mane with or conjure up stunning braiding hairstyle. Cool looks and inspirations can be found in the article, as well as simple instructions for copying.

Make hairstyles yourself – braided hairstyles

Festival Frisuren selber machen -anleitung-undone-look-fischgraete-messy-strand

Braided hairstyles of every kind and braided details, as well as colored tresses and hair tips characterize the look inspired by the music scene. See hair as kissed by the sun and casually bound or maybe braided, but above all very casual.

Make hairstyles yourself – 22 creative inspirations and instructions


Try braiding yourself. Small or big, it’s important to look the same. Beginners can weave a small braid on each side and then tie the two at the back of the head chic.

Make festival hairstyles yourself – playful pigtail details for every hair length


Braids just as an accent in the open hair look very chic and informal. For the creative personalities there is the option to weave a figure, for example a little heart, out of the hair.

Make festival hairstyles yourself – small braid on the middle parting


Not only modern, but really popular, the naturally blond, or bleached hair. The approach is a bit darker and the hair tips strikingly blond. A braided hairstyle with such a hair color looks really playful, because dark and light strands change beautifully. To emphasize this summery hair color braids can braid in the neck area.

Make hairstyles yourself – put a small braid on the middle part of the head and tie the hair together


A herringbone braid just as an accent, you can start braiding from the middle of the top of the head. Run it up to the neck area and then tie with transparent hair tie. Depending on your wishes, leave the hair open or tie in a low ponytail.

Festival hairstyles – a little bit sophisticated – Dutt with plait detail


If you prefer to have your hair tied together at the festival, just put a braid in the hairdo. Braid a herringbone braid on the back of your head and tie your hair into a bun using a dutch pillow.

Make festival hairstyles yourself – fishbone detail on the top of the head

A good alternative, especially for short or medium-long hair, would be to braid a herringbone braid just from the forehead along the top of the head and end it with a bun.

Festival hairstyles with Undone Look – Messy Dutt with braid details


The Undone look is very popular and practical at summer parties and open space events. The hair is tied up and dancing does not bother at all.

Festival hairstyles – make Flechtdutt yourself


Long-haired ladies can make their own braiding using the step-by-step instructions. Watch the video.

Flechtdutt Video instruction

Make festival hairstyles yourself – Hippie wreath decorated with real flowers

As a popular braided hairstyle for the summer, the braided wreath is characterized. He is suitable for medium-long and long hair and is great, casual alternative for Steckfrisur it Boho Flair. Add some fresh flowers or flower garland to give a hippie look the overall look.

Hairstyles for long hair – half-open braided hairstyle with natural waves


Loosely braided accents in the long hairs are especially good for natural waves. In this way, hair extensions can be inserted and make them appear invisible. Experiment with the trendy shades without damaging your hair and use playful strands in the braided hairstyle.

Semi-open braided hairstyle with loosely braided pigtails


The long mane can be annoying at higher temperatures. A hairstyle that is semi-open and at the same time can be tied together nicely is really practical and clever.

Bind half-open long hair with loosely braided pigtails

festival-hairstyles-yourself-making instructions-long-hair-locker-plait-together

Braid two loose braids on each side, loosening up the long mane and simultaneously setting accent. Later, in the course of the party, you can simply tie the hair with a strand and a hair clip or knot on request.

Festival hairstyles for long hair – make waterfall braid detail yourself

festival-hairstyles-yourself-making instructions-wasserfallzopf-long-hair-blonde

A waterfall braid really comes into its own with long hair. Draw attention to your great, long mane and braid a braid, as shown, on the front part of the hair and thereby accentuate your pretty face.

Festival hairstyles with braids for every hair length – waterfall braid, herringbone braid or just a detail as an accent

festival-hairstyles-yourself-making instructions-wasserfallzopf fishbone-color strands

Braids in every shape and style loosen the otherwise boring open hair. Since can implement colored false strands and provide variety.

Festival hairstyles for short hair make yourself – Half-up Bun

festival-hairstyles-yourself-making manual-short-hair-bob-half-up bun

Ladies with medium or short hair do not have to miss festival hairstyles. The Undone look is particularly suitable for the medium hair length and can be created easily. All you have to do is apply some hair foam over the entire hair length before blow-drying and knead your wet hair. With the palms of your hands press the hair upwards, head towards the head, then blow dry. Alternatively, if available, you can use a diffuser.

Simple festival hairstyles for more volume

festival-hairstyles-yourself-making instructions-long-hair-volume and natural waves

If you’re looking for more volume, these two hairstyles with half-open hair may be just the right ones. Tie the hair at the neck and do not smooth the head, but pull up to the opposite. Foaming before or blow-dry would also work well.

Festival Hairstyles Trends – “Tapestry” or colorful wickerwork in your hair

festival-hairstyles-make-yourself-guide-half-up bun-tapestry-thread

Recently, real wickerwork with colorful threads on the head can be conjured up. These are reminiscent of the friendship bracelets and the woven hair strands of the nineties. The so-called “Tapestry” look is created when first the hair is stretched on a frame and then woven in a pattern or picture with colored yarn.

5 festival hairstyles to imitate – video tutorial


In the video you will find 5 great and easy to imitate hairstyles for long hair. Put accents in your festival look with wavy hair, matching hair accessories and playful, inserted pigtails.

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