Luxury watch by Ulysse Nardin with nautical design elements


Who has a fetish for watches , is guaranteed to immediately fall in love with this stunning model of Ulysse Nardin. Apart from the high-precision movement, the luxury watch impresses with a unique design that makes the model a real gem on the wrist. We would like to introduce you to the Ulysse Nardin watch in this article. Although the price is certainly not for everyone, it’s worth taking a closer look at the design. You can do this in the gallery below.

Watch by Ulysse Nardin – Precise handmade

uhr von ulysse nardin luxus-design-metall-gehaeuse

At Baselworld 2016, Ulysse Nardin presented his latest model. It is the Grand-Deck Marin Tourbillon , whose design and execution were inspired by nautical elements and more precisely by the deck of a ship. In order to implement this successfully, wooden elements were incorporated in the handmade model. In addition, there is a swivel arm mounted at the 12 o’clock position, running straight down and mimicking the latitude used by seafarers. It is used to display retrograde minutes and was also nautically designed. Moving is the Ulysse Nardin clock arm, with fine nanowires from left to right, symbolizing the masts of the ship. If the swivel arm reaches 60 minutes, it is automatically reset to 0 position.

Clock of Ulysse Nardin – Nautical elements

uhr von ulysse nardin nautisch-thema-inspiration-leder-armband

The barrel contains a flying tourbillon and is located at the 6 o’clock position. There is also the symbol of the brand Ulysse Nardin shown, namely the anchor. The barrel is operated with paper-thin fibers, which are even more delicate than human hair. At the positions of 5 and 7 are fixed two tiles, which are responsible for the jumping hours. The hours are again displayed digitally. The attractive watch by Ulysse Nardin consists of a total of 469 individual parts and a manual wind movement. The latter is called Caliber UN-630. The attractive design will be available for about $ 293,000.

Original minute display


Metal case


Original swivel arm as minute hand


Nanowires for the swivel arm


Ulysse Nardin anchor


The clockwork


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