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Hairstyles For Women

Ladies Parka combine – 20 outfits and styling tips for the winter

Damen Parka -winter-mode-kombinieren-modern-outfit-rose-muster

The parka can be described as a fashion classic. He was first carried by Inuits, then in the army. Now this piece of clothing is back in. The comfortable winter jacket with removable lining and hood keeps you warm and protects from wind, which is why it enjoys great popularity in the cold regions. A ladies parka belongs to the indispensable fashion must-haves and the reasons for that are revealed in the following.

Ladies Parka – Stars love the comfortable winter jacket

Damen Parka -winter-mode-kombinieren-stars-primis-hollywood

Stars from all over the world like to wear a ladies’ park when the temperatures outside are extremely low. For leisure time with family or outdoors and traveling when comfort is of the essence, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, Beyonce, Olivia Palermo, Cara Delevigne and many others prefer the long winter jacket with its thick lining that casually envelops the body.

Ladies Parka in all versions – Designer Parkas

Damen Parka -winter-mode-kombinieren-denim-bella-hadid-rihanna

Jeans fabric is always in fashion, but fits in with everything and is extremely robust, which makes it ideal for a casual jacket like the parka. The model in the picture is a real designer piece, though it does not look like it at first glance. Yves Salomon Parkas cost from 1 000 € and these with real fur hood – over 2 000 €. Among the favorite pieces of celebrities, such as model Bella Hadid and Rihanna, namely, a ladies parka made of denim.

Ladies parka as a trademark of Rihanna

Damen Parka -winter-mode-kombinieren-rihanna-weiss-fell-grün

Rihanna does not only cause a sensation on stage, but also in everyday life with her extravagant looks. Typical for the R’n’B singer are the wide boyfriend jeans combined with feminine high heels or sneakers. For some time, she has got her own line in the sports brand Puma and designs models clothes and shoes that match their individual style.

Ladies parka with fur hood

Damen Parka -winter-mode-kombinieren-kapuze-fell-schal

Characteristic of a parka is the wide silhouette with hood, deep pockets and also by the olive-green color, transferred from the military look. In addition, the all-purpose jacket is thickly lined, like real or fake fur.

Ladies parka with hood and lining made of real fur or imitation fur


The parka is well known for its functionality. He is usually knee-length, the shorter version covers the hips and has a drawstring at the waist and hem. On some models, the hood and lining can be taken out and thus the jacket for autumn quickly reshape.

With women parka in everyday life – casual, comfortable and warm


As a general-purpose jacket, a ladies parka can be combined with almost any piece of clothing. In everyday life and in the spare time you like to wear casual jeans and especially in cold weather a pair of Timberland shoes, also a fashion classic like the parka.

Casual look with ladies parka and boyfriend jeans


Washed-out boyfriend jeans with tears and a jumper will certainly complement the laid-back look. In addition, there is a reasonable protection against cold and wind, where you are dressed in modern style.

With ladies parka and rubber boots – perfectly dressed for the winter


The material used to make parkas is very practical. It provides protection against wind and ice, in rain and cold. An additional impregnation provides dirt repellence and thus the parka is the ideal companion in bad weather. Combine with a pair of rubber boots and you will be suitable for any weather conditions and modern style.

City chic in winter with ladies parka


Originally, the parka served as protective clothing in cold regions, such as Alaska and Siberia. Later, the US Army takes the cut for their clothing and in the mid-20th century, it has become a sign of militarism. In the 60s, as part of the hippie movement, then in the 80s, he finds his way into the wardrobes of young people.

Pair ladies parka with dress or skirt


Under the influence of hippie fashion, one likes to wear a ladies parka over a skirt or a dress made of soft fabric and with a feminine cut. Here are achieved desired contrasts and the typical for the cold season Layering, or onion look.

Black look with ladies parka and leather leggings

Except in olive green, there are also variants in dark blue, beige tones or black. Because of the oversize silhouette fashionistas and fashion bloggers like to combine the all-rounder with black leggings made of imitation leather. So that the figure does not appear chubby, you also decide for ankle boots with paragraph.

Attracting ladies parka and yet appear elegant – black & white


Although parka are rather comfortable and cut for everyday use, they can also be combined elegantly and stylishly. The main thing is that it does not look misshapen, like a potato sack. The tunnel lacing at the waist helps to give the styling a structure.

Pair ladies parka with skirt and white sneakers


For smaller women we recommend a shorter and fitted version. You should also prefer figure-hugging clothing, such as skinny jeans and ankle-length trousers, leggings to keep them from disappearing into the jacket.

Ladies wear parka style – tone on tone fashion


As a rule of thumb when styling with a ladies parka is to combine slim cut bottoms with wide tops. Thus, the length and the wide section of the jacket is compensated. Only tall, slender women can afford to wear long, loose trousers and skirts under the parka. Basically, optically fit lower parts that are longer than the jacket. Otherwise it may seem that you have nothing under it.

Ladies parka and white ankle jeans combine


Women’s parka for everyday wear in winter – Combine with jeans and white sneakers


Regarding the shoes, there are no limits. Elegant high heels, as well as comfortable, flat shoes, boots and sneakers are perfect for a parka look. Because the casual jacket is a practical and odisches garment despite all weather.

Tone in tone look with ladies parka and sneakers in khaki


Our styling tip: To appear stylish and at the same time sporty-elegant, you opt for a tone-on-tone look. You can achieve this when your outfit is color coordinated with the shoes. All colors should come from the same color family. Another option would be to choose the shoes and jacket in the same color and to wear monochrome clothing.

Ladies Parka like different – With beautiful pattern and lining


For a break in style, but not for all tastes, you can combine elegant outfits, such as fine clothes and pants suits, with the parka. After all, such a styling looks interesting and cause a stir.

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