How to find the right Dirndl for the next Spring Festival

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Finally the time has come – the first rays of sunshine awaken the spring fever. In many cities, the tables are being cleared out of the cafés and restaurants. People banish the winter clothes in the far corner of the closet and Frau is looking for the right outfit for the next Spring Festival. The trend towards dirndls is still unbroken. But how does Frau find the right dirndl that suits her and perfectly emphasizes her type?

The first and right dirndl – what should a woman look for?


One is invited to one of the many spring festivals such as the Cannstadter Spring Festival and would like to appear in the trend of the time, of course. A dirndl has to come here. To make sure that she feels well in her new dirndl during the entire festival, she should pay a lot of attention to the purchase.

With a Dirndl woman will always look feminine and nice, because with a too small bust the right dirndl conjures up a full cleavage and slightly too wide hips or a strong bottom disappear under the folds of the skirt.

The right size


The right dirndl should be cut rather narrow, but the bodice of the woman should not cut the air. Anyone who buys the first dirndl should try out blended models with a variety of cuts and lengths. A Dirndl, which is laced in the chest area, is particularly useful if a woman wants to cheat on too small or too big breasts, because with the garment, the bust is to be staged accordingly. Whether the neckline is very low or slightly higher, it is only important that woman feels comfortable. If the bust size is too small, you should prefer to use a heart-shaped neckline, which may also be a bit lower. You can also create more volume with a blouse that has a gathering in the middle. An additional help is the special Dirndl bras, which help to make the bust appear larger.

The right length


Dirndl dresses are available in different lengths from short to midi to long. The short dirndls are very, but are less suitable for dancing on the beer benches or for a carousel ride.

The right color and the material


First and foremost, a cotton fabric is recommended for a dirndl because it is easy to clean. A dirndl dress made of silk is difficult to clean, if, for example, beer is tipped over the dress. A linen model warps over time and then stops working. With the colors, the wearer knows no bounds, because everything that pleases here counts. The traditional colors blue, red or green will probably never go out of style and the dress can be worn over many years. It looks different when you opt for a model in neon colors. In the case of the apron, white aprons are reserved for brides and waitresses only.

The right hairstyle for a dirndl


To a dirndl, of course, also includes the right hairstyle . Women with long hair always have it a bit easier than those with a trendy short hairstyle. Very nice looks a lateral braid, which is also very good alone. For this purpose, a strand is separated behind the right ear, which applies as a start for the braid. Now a braid close to the head braid is braided parallel to the hairline, in which you always add a new strand from the front. Other hairstyle variations are the Dutt and the wickerwork to Hochstecken. But even with short hair, women do not have to do without the trendy braiding hairstyle. A somewhat unusual variant is the braided Iro, which can also be realized with a short hairstyle.

The right dirndl from the online shop


The dirndl does not necessarily have to be bought in a local specialty store. An alternative that proves to be worthwhile in many ways is the Dirndl purchase online. For example, the company Krüger Dirndl offers a wide selection of different models, so that every woman gets her dream dress for the next spring festival. If there are any uncertainties regarding the right choice, size and other things, then Frau Krüger can also be advised by phone, and if the desired dress does not fit or does not like it, it can easily be exchanged.

Sufficient possibilities to wear a dirndl


Anyone who has bought a dirndl especially for the upcoming spring festivals, does not have to worry that the good piece will only hang in the closet afterwards. In the course of the year there are always occasions where women can shine with the dirndl, because not in vain it says – after the Spring Festival is before the Oktoberfest.

How about, for example, a theme party in the style of a Bavarian beer festival, in which all those present in costume have to appear? Or just worn to your heart’s content. In a dirndl, every woman, regardless of size 34 or 48, always looks good.

And on the edge, the Oktoberfest is not only in Munich. In China, the Oktoberfest is celebrated as a 1-to-1 copy and even in New Zealand Oakland, the Oktoberfest copy is a tradition each year. The festival goes back to German emigrants or companies of German origin. Even in Brazil, the land of carnival, the Oktoberfest is celebrated. Every year, around 700,000 visitors meet here. This is the Oktoberfest in Blumenau / Brazil, the second largest folk festival after the carnival in Rio. By the way, we celebrate here for 17 days. Also in Russia, since the year 2000, the Oktoberfest has been celebrated annually at the same time as Munich’s .

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