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Hairstyles For Women

Forming Nails – Tips and Tricks for Perfect Fingernails

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Nail design is part of the styling and similar to the clothing are also several designs possible. Fingernails can take a variety of forms, but not every hand fits. Whether your hands look slender, delicate, or to the contrary shorter and plump, it depends on how you shape your nails . We ‘ve summarized 7 nail trends and give you tips on how best to polish them.

Forming Nails – 7 nail trends at a glance

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Over time, hand in hand with fashion, many nail shapes have become established as perfect. A decisive factor in addition to the individual style is the everyday life and profession in which one operates. In some industries, it is mandatory to wear the fingernails as short and unobtrusive as possible. However, even short nails can look modern and well-groomed. It usually enough weekly nail and hand care to always present a beautiful manicure. In addition, there are many possibilities for nail designs available. Of course, these require certain filing techniques, so that the desired effect also comes into its own. There are basically 7 different nail shapes – angular or rounded, round or oval, almond-shaped and the currently very current – stiletto and coffin.

Forming Nails – Angular

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Angularly her fingernails form sporty ladies who like to wear them a little shorter. For this, the sides are straight vertically and the nail edge horizontally filed from outside to inside. It should be The two corners are just connected and parallel. The nail tip should be wide and straight at the end, not oval. It is true: the narrower the nail board, the cooler the angular shape looks. In this sense, this form is not suitable for women with wide nails.

Shape nails – Square with rounded corners – Squoval

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Squoval nails are considered a variation of the angular and oval together. In doing so you proceed in a similar way and at the end you complete the corners with the file. For shorter fingernails, not longer than the nail tip, this shape looks very natural and visually extends the fingers.

Forming Nails – Round

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Anyone can wear a round nail shape and are especially popular with women with short, brittle fingernails. Her hands look very neat and well-groomed, without having to invest much effort in regular care. For demanding activities and in professional life, this nail shape is advisable. File the nails evenly from the nail board to the nail tip.

Forming nails – oval


The oval nail shape is undeniably the most elegant and ladylike among all. It is wonderful for ladies with wide nails, as it makes the fingers look visually narrower and lengthened. It works best when the nails are a bit longer. First, file the sidewalls straight and start rounding the corners by filing diagonally down from the nail tip. In the middle of the nail board should not be too pointed, but gently.

Forming nails – almond shape


The almond shape is very similar to the oval, only the nail tip is filed sharply . They are very trendy and more suitable for long fingernails. In principle, the length should be one third of the nail bed long so that the nail design succeeds aesthetically. Now, file your nails in the shape of an almond. This means that the sidewalls are first filed straight and are always narrower towards the front, but not yet pointed. The almond shape is perfect for any hand shape and is absolutely suitable for everyday use.

Forming Nails – Coffin or Ballerina


Coffin or Ballerina is undoubtedly the trendiest nail form among all. It is a hybrid of the angular and oval Fom. Is also great for wider nails, and thanks to the flat tip for narrower. The nail board is filed similar to the almond shape. First, file the side walls straight and then slightly pointed towards the front. Then lay the file straight on the nail tip and take off until it ends as flat as possible with two straight corners.

Forming Nails – Stiletto


Stiletto is a nail shape for extroverted, self-confident women who like to experiment and take risks. Here, the fingernails end at the top and make the women’s hands look particularly feminine and longer. Therefore, a nail design with this nail shape fits perfectly with wider nails and short fingers. Because of their conspicuousness, this nail shape is not intended for everyday life, but rather for Saturday evening or special occasions. Modeled in excess length, the nails are fast witches or cheap. To achieve the perfect shape, the file is attached to the middle of the nail and the corners are swept away obliquely downwards. Do not underestimate the specific shape, as they may look crooked or even break due to untrained hurdles.

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