Festival look for all weather and occasion – 20 fashion tips

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Making a festival look on your own can be a real challenge as fashion dictates everything but can not affect the weather. Of course you should choose a suitable outfit according to the music style. Convenient and at the same time attractive party fashion make the rock, beach party or the so popular Boho Coachella Festiv al the catwalk.

Festival Look Outfits and Beauty Tips

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The outfit is only half, maybe even less, from the whole look. With properly selected accessories and hairstyling, an ensemble is created that will never be forgotten. Also, the shoes play important role, because the too high or which uncomfortable spoil the mood really. Couple of little styling rules and what ideas will help you make the right choices and stand out from the crowd.

Festival Look – Fashion and Accessories

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First you should get rid of the clichés. Much is referred to as a party and festival look is only a sign of tastelessness. Of course, if you go to a bad-key party is another question.

Cliche # 1. Neon hairs are just for the celebrities.

Stars and celebrities can afford wigs and extensions in every color of the rainbow and in the entire color palette. Could you also? Put on naturally beautiful and manicured mane, do not spoil your hair structure for a party look. If you really care about color, do not use a permanent dye, but a tint in delicate nuances, such as the trendy colors of light pink, blue or lilac.

Festival look – break the stereotypes

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Cliche No. 2. No flower hair bands, instead exotic headdress

Flower hairbands are a real misunderstanding borrowed from boho fashion, but looks really tasteless on the head of a lady who has been beautiful for less than 8 years. Leave the artificial flowers in the hair for the girls and put on hair ornaments with ethnic motifs or pearls. Then you would certainly need no elaborate hairstyle to present a successful hairstyling.

Festival Look – Indian jewelry


Cliche No. 3. No Indian feather on the head, instead sophisticated forehead jewelry

Indian feather leave you for next carnival or carnival. If you like the Indian motifs correctly, then look for headdresses or headdresses in this style, which looks not only exotic, but also tasteful.

Festival Look – rely on self-adhesive rhinestones


Cliche No.4. No strong make-up and no temporary tattoos this summer

Last summer, the gold fake tattoos were in fashion. In this, however, are replaced by the self-adhesive rhinestones for the house. These are beautifully arranged on the face, around the eyes and look like real jewelery on the skin. They are perfect for the summer, when a strong make-up can be easily blurred and not a good idea.

Festival look inspired by Coachella


Coachella Festival takes place every year at the beginning of summer (usually in late April-early May) in California. It’s very popular with Holywood Stars and they are presenting their casual boho chic outfits, which we can find inspiration for the coming summer. Gigi Hadid, one of the Victoria Secrets top models at the moment, always appears in simple outfits and sets accents either on her beautiful figure or on matching accessories. In this look, the patterned sound on the head and the belt tied around the waist in combination with discreet Ethno jewelry is a particularly successful combination.

Festival Look – choose cotton overalls or denim overalls


Overalls, whether made of denim or cotton, the main thing made of natural fibers, are a real must-have tail for this season. Flat shoes, pumps or Roman sandals, all just fit. One more important thing to mention is that you never dress or dress naked. Overalls are very comfortable and the right choice of two parts that fit together well.

Festival look – colorful, casual, cropped – Coachella


Coachella Festival excels with the casual boho fashion. Every type of shorts and crop-free tops are in demand. Ethno motifs, fringes, velor and airy cuts fit perfectly with the hippie motto of the event. Avoid complex hairstyles and hairstyling. Beach waves are always the best choice or maybe a side braid.

Festival look for a beach party – white and denim


One might think that the outfit for a beach party can not be any easier. Then you are wrong. The heat, the lack of shade can cause unpleasant sunburn and sweating. Then less clothing is sometimes the first choice, but you should cream yourself beforehand. A silk top or airy top made of pure cotton in light color, preferably white will not stick to the skin and the natural fiber does not contribute to extra Schmitzen.

With airy clothes and a nice hat on the beach


Do not forget the wide-brimmed hat. One made of straw fits the beach theme and protects against the sun. If you’ve decided on a bikini outfit, wear a wrap so you do not look too tight. Kimonos offer a great variety of patterns and flowing fabrics that flatter the figure and also feel good.

Festival look with romantic maxi dress – pay attention to the length


Maxi dresses in the summer are just a must. They are light, feminine, unpretentious to wear and just perfect for the beach. One thing to keep in mind – if you dance a lot, the length of the dress will be problematic.

Festival look to the beach without hat and sunglasses just will not work


The sunglasses are accessory number 1 for a festival look especially on the beach. The trends for 2016 are aimed at prints and bold frapp combinations. Large and even oversized frames with gradient glass are fashionable and really pleasant to look through. Find a suitable model according to your face shapes.

Rocky festival look with a preference for black color


Rocky it may be, but tasteless and from head to toe in black but not. Black is defined as the color of rock music, but it is often exaggerated. Find parts that do not look boring black. Capsules and prints on T-shirts bring variety and set accents throughout the outfit. Rings on all fingers, long chains and boots are part of the rocking festival look.

Rocky festival look in black and white with leather vest


If it is too warm for a leather jacket, get a leather vest with capsules and zippers. Casual shorts and tops with heavy-used look are top trend in spring and summer, which can be wonderfully combined with ankle boots. Look rockish and feminine at the same time.

Outfit to the Rock Festival with a light grunge flair


Rock style also includes the grunge style. The Schnürboots are a must. Combine with skirt or dress to emphasize the feminine look. Cropped elements are very up to date, as well as web parts. Be brave, but do not exaggerate.

Festival look in bad weather and rain – put on rubber boots


Rainy weather is perhaps the worst it can ever happen. Keep calm and choose rubber boots. That way you can look really good. Put the rain boots in scene and in the center of the festival look. Sweet dress or skirt, hair tied together and you have put together a great outfit.

Fashion brands offer great raincoats


Think a raincoat or jacket can not do good for your look. But. Fashion brands offer great models with playful accents and patterns. Order one of them in advance and get a chic look in any weather.

In bad weather jacket or colorful throw do not forget


Do not forget to inform yourself about the weather forecast, so you will not be surprised by the bad weather and spoil all party plans.

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