Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles For Women

Eye make-up: Tips for the perfect look for every occasion

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The eyes are the central point of the face, to which other people pay special attention. Not only in the evening flirting at the bar, but also in everyday life, a beautiful eye make-up can increase the sympathy. However, this only works if the make-up has been carefully applied and designed according to the occasion. From the first brushstroke to make-up before bedtime, there are some important things to consider around eye make-up.

The eye make-up routine


Already in the morning shortly after getting up, most people find themselves in the bathroom in front of the mirror. Brushing your teeth, washing your face, styling your hair and putting on appropriate make-up are part of the everyday beauty routine of many women. That a particularly large number of women attach importance to eye make-up, also shows a survey . Here, women were asked if they had an eye make-up within the last week. After all, 16.15 million women answered “Yes” in 2016. Four years ago, this figure was well below that of 15.25 million women.

Subtle eye make-up intensifies the look


To make the make-up around the eyes look as beautiful as possible, it needs a plan. Not only the selection of suitable products is important here, because the procedure also determines how durable and attractive the final result will be. In terms of durability, perfumery with personality recommends applying an eyeshadow base after priming with a foundation. This is usually colorless, but ensures that the later applied eyeshadow does not evaporate again too quickly.

Basically, the design of the eye make-up from light tones to darker shades to work. Therefore, a light primer is first applied and delicately blurred in the area under the eyebrows. Under the eyebrows, a highlighter can also be used. He reflects the light and opens the view. Only when the light shades have been applied, darker shades can be placed. Particularly popular here is the accentuation of the corner of the eye and the eyelid fold with a matching eye shadow.

All eyeshadow products should also be gently blended to avoid hard contours. Through the gentle blurring and dabbing the colors run into each other and it creates an even look. Only when this step is completed, eyeliners, artificial eyelashes and mascara are used.

Skillfully choose eye make-up styles

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There are so many occasions for wearing eye make-up, as diverse are its styles and expressions. Ordinary everyday make-up may in this context be much more subtle and easier, so as not to appear out of place. It’s different at festivities and in the nightlife. Here it may like to go a little more glamorous. This is often reflected in the design of the hairstyle. A nice evening hairstyle completes a festive eye make-up optimally.

Basically, there are several ways to make the eye make-up. Well-known terms are here:

• Smokey Eyes,
• Cat Eyes
• and nude look.

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The nude look is particularly suitable for everyday wear, as it relies on subtle skin tones and a subtle shimmer. If you want something more glamorous in everyday life, the nude look can be combined with an eyeliner. For Smokey-Eyes and Cat Eyes , much darker sounds come into play. Also, the eyelashes are showered much stronger here and possibly compacted with artificial hair and extended.

As the supreme discipline, which combines the most eye make-up styles, the eyeliner applies. Whether with or without “wings” on the outsides: He should be even, harmonious and not too thick. However, many women despair of the regular application of eyeliners, as a lot of tact and experience are required. Some tips about the eyeliner find interested in the video.

Make a proper make-up at the end of the day

The facial skin is particularly sensitive. This is already evident in light weather changes and incorrect care products in the form of rough, reddened spots, greasy areas, pimples and blackheads. No wonder that this area of ​​the body needs a very gentle care. In any case, this includes the daily make-up removal. It does not matter whether the eye make-up was designed very conspicuously or rather discreetly. Eye shadow. Mascara and all other products must be removed at bedtime to avoid damaging the skin and eyelashes.

Make-up removal should not be done in the shower


Just removing mascara is an important step and should be done with care. If this does not happen, the mascara can cause blockages and irritations in the area of ​​the hair follicles. Itching, reddened and thickened areas are the result. Also lashes break off much easier under the influence of mascara. The involuntary movements in the night promote this effect, so that there is little left over from long and dense eyelashes after some time without make-up removal.

It even takes for the removal of waterproof products no expensive special agents. called baby oil as a cost-saving alternative. It softens the waterproof make-up and facilitates the gentle stripping with facial tissues or cotton pads. Excess baby oil should be removed after removing makeup with a cleansing product to prevent clogging of the pores.

Make-up removal is also not a task that should be done in the shower. As dermatologists have noted, shower water is often too hot for facial skin and can cause damage. It is better to remove the make-up before washing with a sponge or washcloth and lukewarm water at the sink.

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