Clean up the wardrobe – tips and checklist for spring cleaning

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Spring is here and therefore high time for a thorough cleaning of the whole apartment. As if the fresh air and the warm weather incite us to come to new energies and to start a new beginning. The annual spring cleaning not only sweeps everything thoroughly, cleans and washes, but also to get rid of contaminated sites – sort out things, basement basins and tidy wardrobe. Cleaning up is like a ritual and just good for the soul. After the long winter it is incredibly fun to make space for the new spring parts, right?

No matter if your wardrobe is big or small, any storage space will eventually reach its limits. According to a survey from last year , women have an average of 118 garments without stockings and underwear. Nevertheless, every season comes again and again the familiar phenomenon: wardrobe full, but nothing to wear. Step one to the perfect wardrobe is mucking! Use the spring cleaning to create an orderly and perfectly fitting wardrobe wardrobe. We’ll tell you a few anti-chaos tips today that can help you tidy up the closet. Spring in, mess out!

Clean the wardrobe – Step 1. Muck and sort

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First you have to empty the wardrobe completely and sort out all the clothes of the winter season, pack them and store them in the cellar for the next winter. Take a close look at the existing spring wardrobe and sort it all out. What you do not wear, does not fit or is worn off, comes away. Forget about excuses like “I could do that in 5 years, when I’ve lost weight or put on sports again.” Keep only those pieces that you really like to wear often. Ask clear questions, give honest answers and do not think about how much the garment tasted once. That’s over and you just have to part with such cabinet corpses. Even the favorite parts that are worn or bulging, for example, have to go sometime.

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As you go through your clothes, divide all your clothes into three piles:

  • Keep – What you still like, wear it regularly and feel comfortable in it
  • Dispose of / give away – what has not been worn in the past one to two years, everything that no longer fits or what has been out of fashion for some time

Exceptions: which is only worn on certain occasions, such as evening or cocktail dresses and jeans that are just one size above the current size.

  • Maybe / I do not know – You can go through this stack one more time at the end. Stay realistic in the decision. If you are still unsure after that, then you can put these items in a box and stow them in the basement just in case.

Decision Tools: Do I really need this skirt? Can I change these pants relatively easily and inexpensively? Can I replace the garment in a timely manner?

And where with the bunch “way”? Give as a gift to friends, donate to nonprofit organizations, donate to the clothing collection, sell on online second-hand platforms or traditional flea markets. Or why not organize a swap party ?

Clean up the wardrobe – Step 2. Organize and properly allocate

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However, before you return the leftover clothes, you should wipe all the surfaces in the closet well. Sort all parts by clothing type (skirts, dresses, tops, pants) or styles (business, everyday wear, clothes). For example, arranging colors from light to dark looks nice, but is a bit impractical. The main thing is to have everything at hand and find it quickly.

It is also advisable to hang clothes on stirrups instead of folding them and stacking them in a tray. Iron-on items are much clearer and the clearer your wardrobe is, the faster you can put together your perfect outfit in the morning.


Also get some organizational aids such as transparent storage boxes, drawer dividers for large drawers and blind modules for blind spots. Plan an optimal organization system in the wardrobe. A practical idea would be to mark hangers with colored ribbons or compartments with labels.

3. Shop right and start fashionably in the spring


Anyone who has room in the closet after mucking out and more money in their pockets thanks to the sale of superfluous clothing can of course treat themselves to a shopping tour. A purchase in an outlet lets you save up to 60 percent on goods from previous collections and overproductions. For example, on you will find a list of more than 500 outlets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, offering high quality fashion at reduced prices. The proximity search filter helps you to find bargains in your area.


Last but not least a few tips for bargain hunting and the perfect spring wardrobe:

  • Replace dark with fresh spring colors like yellow, light blue, pink and mint green to make any outfit lighter and more playful.
  • Buy versatile pieces, which can be combined in the transitional period after the Lagenlook trend versatile. These include perfectly fitting tops in white or beige, oversize blazers, long cardigans, etc.
  • Lace blouses in different colors and variations are classically and elegantly presented and can be perfectly combined with trousers or jeans.
  • Tunics and blouses in floral patterns and flowing fabrics flatter the figure and look particularly girlish and casual.
  • Invest in timeless classics like trench coats, cloth trousers and the little black dress that will accompany you year after year.


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