Choose vegan shoes with these eco-friendly top brands

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Vegan shoes are models that are manufactured without any animal products. Thus, materials such as wool or leather are avoided and replaced by other vegetable or artificial materials. More and more fashion designers join in the production of their products the vegan attitude to life. We would like to introduce you to some brands of vegan shoes for men and women, with which you will do something good for nature.

Vegan shoes for women by Yvonne

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These pretty sandals for the summer are a design by Yvonne. They are not only very fashionable, but also comfortable to wear and therefore the perfect choice for the summer outfit. Add to that the great fact that it is vegan shoes. Browse for other models as well.

Vegan shoes by Walk in my Shoes

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The Portuguese-born brand uses only plastics and resins to make their models, but only offers vegan women’s footwear . In addition, there are no additional costs for shipping throughout the EU. It makes shopping even more fun.

Italian design by Noah

vegane schuhe noah-italienisch-mode-damen-herren-beige-elegant

If you like the Italian style you can also consider the brand “Noah”. The vegan shoes that radiate the necessary elegance, you can find the perfect models from this manufacturer. Also on offer are great designs for men, as well as other vegan accessories.



The Esprit brand is also one of those who now use materials for shoes that no animal had to suffer. Currently, 8 pairs of shoes are being made for a new collection, all of which are for the ladies. Men have to wait a while.

Shoes – The popular accessory of the ladies


A true dream is the offer of the brand Cri de Coeur. The disadvantage of the brand is that it is located in America and thus the shipping costs are quite high. The designers, to whom the great models are due, call themselves Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow. Also offered are handbags.

Good Guys


The brand for vegan shoes specializes mainly in men’s collections with modern and classic styles, but there is also a rich selection of gender-neutral models that the ladies can also consider. The French designs are being implemented in Portugal.

Adidas Samba


Samba is a model that has been around for years and was originally designed for football. The high quality makes the shoe but also for everyday life perfect, especially considering that it is a model for vegan shoes. The shoe is available in steel blue and reddish brown stripes.

Vegan design by Beyond Skin


Beyond Skin is an English brand that offers a variety of vegan footwear, one of which has even won the PETA UK Vegan Fashion Award. Unfortunately, currently only women’s shoes are offered, but collections for men are already in planning. That the models are ordered from abroad, you should not worry. From a sum of 125 euros, which you can quickly reach with friends, the shipping is even free.



Anyone who likes the street style will choose exactly the right brand for vegan shoes with Will’s. Will Green, the initiator of these shoes, makes fashionable footwear for both women and men. He attaches great importance to animal and human friendly products and impresses with modern and chic designs.

Elegant design


But not only sporty models offers the designer. Even elegant, vegan shoes that you can wear to match your new suit for the occasion are included. And the best thing is that again no animal products are used. Whether for summer or winter, everyday life, tourism or a special occasion – the perfect model is quickly found.


vegane schuhe ekn-grau-street-style-sport-design-maenner

This brand comes from Portugal again. As materials for vegan shoes, it uses vegetable leather, as well as recycled synthetic leather, organic cotton and cork, and other natural materials for which no animal has been harmed. In addition to shoes, you can also find stylish flip-flops for the summer.



Avesu is a store that attaches great importance to selling no animal products and is also available in Germany. Online alone, you have the choice of 40 different brands that make vegan shoes for women, men and children. Here you can see a sporty model with checkered detail in black and white.

Vegan sneakers


Is a sporty look very important to you? Take a look at Macbeth. Not only vegan shoes can be found here, but also suitable clothing. Macbeth is also a great option if you are looking for cheaper products that are still high quality.



Fashion from Asia is also a good option, provided it complies with all the rules. At least that’s the case with Ethletic. The sneakers and flip flops are made in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, using organic cotton and natural rubber as materials.

Shoes by Dr. med. Martens


Great models for vegan shoes can also be found at Dr. med. Martens. You can both choose and order the shoes online, as well as find in many shoe shops. The brand does not use animal products, but this is not recognizable in appearance and quality.

Cosmo Viva


Vegan shoes for which no leather is used are also available for men and women at Cosmo Viva. Especially interesting models are those with the cinnamon sole. They are specially designed for people with sweaty feet, as they have an antibacterial and odor-neutralizing effect.

Vegetarian Shoes


Vegetarian Shoes makes vegan shoes that are 75% biodegradable and made from polyurethane and polyester. Only vegan models in attractive designs are offered, where there is something for everyone.

Oat Shoes


The shoe models of the Oat Shoes brand originate from Bulgaria. The soles use degradable plastics, while the other materials are organic hemp, organic cotton, organic linen and cork.

Brand shoes from Nike


Even big brands like Nike are increasingly turning to vegan footwear and using animal-free materials. This also includes this attractive model whose design is exactly what we know from Nike.

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