Smart Business Meets French Chic – Savoir-Vivre!

Be it first acquaintance with customers, negotiation with business partners or job interview: So that you appear confident, confident and convincing in the business world, the perfect business outfit should also be selected. For representative occasions and meetings the Smart Business has established itself as a suitable dress code. The upscale clothing is also a […]

Club Of Gents designs elegant fashion for the modern gentleman

Choker necklace make yourself – 3 simple ideas with instructions for re-styling

Fashion is constantly changing and good forgotten pieces keep appearing. Trends are therefore always reinventing themselves and bringing new impulses for fashion-conscious women and men. Since the second half of 2016 collars, which are very close to the neck, a trend that we know from the 90s . The former Choker chain or even negatively […]

Earring Guide: Worth knowing about plugs, Creoles & Co.

Ingredients in cosmetics – What you should know about natural cosmetics

Although the term biocosmetics or natural cosmetics is not yet clearly defined, and therefore not legally defined, care products are generally referred to that contain no preservatives and all the raw materials used should be of plant, animal or mineral origin. There are a number of reasons why people prefer to use natural cosmetics instead […]

Healing Earth Mask – Natural care for healthy and supple skin

Hair pastel dye – pink, purple and blue as hair color trends

Pastel colors have been a clear trend in both home furnishings and fashion in recent years. The delicate, bright tones have even conquered the world of make-up and hair. For several years, more and more famous Hollywood ladies experiment with their hair colors and rely on pastel shades for the hair. If you also want […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

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