With turtleneck sweater for women in the fall occur – 20 outfits with sweater

Undoubtedly, the turtleneck for women is our true companion in autumn and later in winter. He is considered a timeless garment, which is highly coveted at any age of women and men. It is particularly practical during the cold season and its high collar protects the neck and neck. The simple appearance makes it suitable […]

Club Of Gents designs elegant fashion for the modern gentleman

Rubber boots for women – 23 outfits for a good mood in autumn

Rubber boots carry anglers or even children when they jump through the puddles. Thus, these are mostly associated and are more than equipment as a beautiful shoes or fashion accessory. In equitation, they are just part of the equipment. Not entirely wrong rubber boots for ladies enjoy great popularity, especially in autumn . In bad […]

Club Of Gents designs elegant fashion for the modern gentleman

Summer outfits with body chain – 30 styling ideas and tips

Body jewelry is primarily associated with extravagant accessories that usually only stars can afford to wear and are not fit for ordinary women in public. Street style summer outfits are reinterpreted with a body chain and used discreetly above or below the clothing. Break the clichés with our 30 styling ideas and tips. Elegant summer […]

Earring Guide: Worth knowing about plugs, Creoles & Co.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 inspired by the stars

In the summer, because of the heat and their faithful companion – the sweating, many ladies consider whether they shorten their hair significantly. Not without reason, short hairstyles for women have many advantages over the long mane. Hollywood stars bravely decided on short haircuts in 2016, inspiring women around the world. Be brave and treat […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

Modern watches for women – styling tips summer 2016

Wristwatches are today not only a practical piece of jewelry on which you can read the time. In addition to time indicators, modern watches have become a statement piece for fashion-conscious ladies and men who want to stand out from the crowd. As a key accessory, the watch is supposed to have a relationship to […]

Luxury watches from men of the celebrity world – Top 5 brand watches of the stars

Hairstyle trends for men 2016/2017 – 20 inspirations and tips

In recent years, the men are paying more and more attention to their haircut and look and the men’s hair styles are gaining in importance. The trends change quickly and you have to adapt to it. In today’s article, we present the latest hairstyle trends for men for 2016/2017, which are good ideas for re-styling […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

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