Abiball make-up for the dress – make-up tips and instructions

After leaving school and before university usually comes the Abiball Make-up and hairstyle can either be done by a professional or if you have already had some experience – do it yourself. Abiball make-up matched to the dress Abiball make-up and hairstyle are individually tailored to the Abiball make-up matching the black dress For an […]

Make-up and conceal the slip-on eyelids – Helpful tips and instructions

Curls without curling iron – 10 ideas with instructions for styling the hair

Whether for everyday life, the beach or for the next party – curly hairstyles are perfect for any occasion, especially in the summer. Would you like to do cool curls without curling iron yourself, then you are in the right place! Here are a few great ideas, guides and many helpful tips for beautiful curly […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

Trendy hairstyles over the years – the development through the decades

Maybe everyone has already seen or even tried the hair trends for 2016. However, trendy hairstyles change every decade, even every year, so we travel through time in this article and follow their evolution in recent years. Read on to learn all about the best hairstyles and haircuts from the 20’s to the present. The […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

Make Abiball hairstyles yourself – 17 simple ideas with instructions

Complicated, exaggerated hairstyles are far from trendy. Stylists rely on and well-groomed, sparkling mane, which falls as naturally as possible and not “concreted” with hair spray, as in the 60s looks. Opt for an authentic look and try some of our Abiball hairstyles . We offer 15 ideas and simple instructions at a glance. Make […]

Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair colors trends

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