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Copper Hair Color – Hair Trends 2016 and Care Tips

Copper hair color belongs to the “red” family, works intensively and is not for restrained personalities. The range of nuances, which have many yellow parts, are in trend 2016, but this is varied and not easy. Choose copper-blonde or brown tones , slightly lighter or darker according to skin type and eye color. Copper hair […]

Short Hairstyles for Women – Some popular and trendy haircuts

Fashion meets modern art – exhibition in Tokyo

From 16 March to 13 June, an exhibition will be dedicated to sought-after Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake at the National Art Center in Tokyo. His works, which combine innovative technology and traditional motifs from the culture of Japan, are presented by the graphic designers Taku Satho and Tokujin Yoshioka very modern and peculiar. Fashion […]

Buy Fashion Online – 5 Helpful Tips for Online Shoppers

Make 20s hairstyles yourself – 40 hairstylings for the theme party

The golden 20s serve as a source of inspiration for several stylings, especially in theme parties. Noble waves, accessories with pearls and crystals, Charleston dresses escaped from the novel “The Great Gatsby” , are attractive for thematic clothing and really popular with the Strars. You can make 20s hairstyles yourself, even if you do not […]

Short Hairstyles for Women – Some popular and trendy haircuts

Skillfully combining jewelery and clothing – 27 ideas with their own style

The great thing about jewelery and clothing is that it allows you to enhance the simplest outfit yourself. Fashion jewelry and beautiful clothing fascinate the women even as little girls. For many, this attraction remains for the whole of life. It is only the fashion trends and our own taste that change. Nevertheless, many ladies […]

Neat tie knot – 9 videos with instructions

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