Make 20s hairstyles yourself – 40 hairstylings for the theme party

The golden 20s serve as a source of inspiration for several stylings, especially in theme parties. Noble waves, accessories with pearls and crystals, Charleston dresses escaped from the novel “The Great Gatsby” , are attractive for thematic clothing and really popular with the Strars. You can make 20s hairstyles yourself, even if you do not […]

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 and hair colors that make you younger

Hairstyles Trends – Neon Hair "Glow in the dark"

The latest hairstyle trends are definitely not for introverts. On colorful strands of hair in all rainbow colors will certainly be happy to experiment with the ladies, but on those who glow in the dark you would be enchanted. With such changeable hair color you will surely become the center of attention at a party. […]

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 and hair colors that make you younger

Skillfully combining jewelery and clothing – 27 ideas with their own style

The great thing about jewelery and clothing is that it allows you to enhance the simplest outfit yourself. Fashion jewelry and beautiful clothing fascinate the women even as little girls. For many, this attraction remains for the whole of life. It is only the fashion trends and our own taste that change. Nevertheless, many ladies […]

Tie tie – the 4 main knots with simple instructions

Nail design in yellow – 50 stylish & feminine design ideas

Both spring and summer are wonderful for colorful colors. While these can be chosen more subtly in the form of pastel shades in the spring, gaudy shades in summer are a great choice. A particularly popular color is yellow. These can be used not only for clothing and accessories, but also for make-up and nails. […]

Make nail art in the fall yourself with patterns and motifs – 6 instructions

Fragrance Trends 2016 – What’s the name of perfume this year?

As fashion trends change every year, so too do the preferences for perfumes. Sometimes playful and sweet, then again harsh, fresh or sporty. We reveal what’s going on this year and what will be the absolute secrets in the new year. Fresh spring scents, fruity-sweet tones in the summer, herbal supplements in the fall … […]

Wear scarfs and shawls as a fashion accessory in the summer – 8 styling tips

Hairstyles half-length 2016 for women: 30 of the trendiest stylings

Medium long hairstyles are very versatile and work well for most face shapes and hair types. This length allows you to wear your hair open or pinned, with or without treads and pony. Read on to find out which hairstyles will be in great shape for half a year 2016 . Tiered hairstyles half length […]

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 and hair colors that make you younger

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