Caramel hair color – caramel nuance color and care

Caramel hair color as a complete coloration, with highlights or as the hip ombre look through the balayage technique, is trendy. The complex gold tones flatter the woman’s face and bring the complexion to shimmer when the right nuance was hit. Properly put on the hair, the caramel color gives a natural, feminine look. Caramel […]

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 and hair colors that make you younger

Denim Vest combine – 20 modern street style outfits

Jeans and denim as a fabric are versatile and extremely flexible when it comes to fashion. Without it, everyday clothing and street style fashion would not work. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, jacket, blouse or vest, you can put them together with other parts depending on the situation and occasion, and look casual, modern, […]

Tie ties with extravagant knots – 8 instructions for the advanced

Layered look fashion – 23 inspirations for your stylish spring outfit

The Lagenlook fashion is very popular with the active woman of today, because of the numerous offer of practical solutions for the outfit in the spring. The weather of the transitional season is not always bright and sunny, as promised, but changes from cold to warm unexpectedly. Or do we have different activities planned for […]

Tie ties with extravagant knots – 8 instructions for the advanced

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