New Year’s Eve make hairstyles yourself – 7 simple instructions for long hair

Welcome the New Year perfectly styled! A successful hairstyle can nicely underline your outfit and makeup . We’ll show you some simple New Year hairstyling instructions that you can easily imitate at home. If you have beautiful, long hair, you can try out these elegant bun, upholstery and braiding hairstyles. New Year’s hairstyles make yourself […]

Short Hairstyles for Women – Some popular and trendy haircuts

Festive nail design with foil for a glamorous appearance – instructions and ideas

One of the top trends for 2015/2016 in manicure is the metal effect on the fingernails. There are all possible nail polishes in silver, gold or graphite, but visually attractive and effective see the fingernails with metal “coating”. Glamorous nail design with foil in metal optics or which with glitter and shimmer that reflect on […]

Lace Nails – Nails Shape and 20 Inspirational Designs

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