Sneakers on trend – the most beautiful models and outfits

Fashionistas have known for several years that sneakers are trendy. In the past, the sporty shoes were mainly combined with jeans and leggings. Nowadays sneakers are worn almost to everything – together with pencil skirts, summer dresses and shorts they form charming ensembles. And the manufacturers have accordingly a wide range of colors and models […]

Tie ties with extravagant knots – 8 instructions for the advanced

Nail design with decorative stripes – 30 ideas and suggestions

Almost every fashion-conscious young woman today is inspired by nail design, because she knows that well-maintained nails artfully designed are a great eye-catcher and can emphasize the beauty of women’s hands. The nail design can be adapted to any situation, so that it harmonizes with different outfits and other accessories. In terms of color, nail […]

Make nail art in the fall yourself with patterns and motifs – 6 instructions

Outfits Summer 2015 – 85 trendy ideas for men and women

The fashionable outfits Summer 2015 are very varied for women, but also for men – androgynous elements, flowing fabrics, pastel colors and 60s hippie silhouettes characterize the fashion trends this year. The starting points and ideas of the designers could hardly be more contradictory. The fashion trends this season are moving into and influenced by […]

Tie ties with extravagant knots – 8 instructions for the advanced

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