Funny Baby Clothes – 23 ideas for parents with a sense of humor

If you are looking for a very individual and original gift for newborns then you have come to the right place. Discover here 23 ideas for unique and funny baby clothes – from baby T-shirts, over baby bodysuits, to baby bodysuits in trendy children’s textiles and in many fresh colors, individually printed with funny, cheeky […]

Tie ties with extravagant knots – 8 instructions for the advanced

Hairstyles for spring 2015 – 25 trendy hairstyles

Whether in undone waves, casually braided or loosely knotted. The hairstyles for spring 2015 will fascinate you! Take a look at the trends in hairstyling and try one of these fine hairstyling yourself! Hairstyles for Spring 2015 – Boho Waves Boho waves give smooth hair a beautiful structure and radiate a nice casual feeling. This […]

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 and hair colors that make you younger

The Oscars 2015: An outlook on the upcoming Oscar fashion

© At the end of the month, Hollywood not only awards the Academy Awards, better known by the nickname “The Oscars 2015,” but also broadly judges the fashion of the beautiful and the rich through the press. While the gentlemen admittedly have an eclectic supply of black evening suits, the actresses take advantage of […]

Baba Wanga – Facts about the seer’s life and predictions

Nail Design Ideas for Spring 2015 – It may be colorful and happy!

Whenever the gloomy winter days come to an end and spring is approaching, every woman wants to dress in a chic and modern way and simply look stunningly beautiful. Of course, the fingernails also belong to the perfect spring look. Are you also interested in modern spring designs of nails? Then you are exactly right […]

Make nail art in the fall yourself with patterns and motifs – 6 instructions

Make highlights yourself – Different dyeing techniques

Spice up your natural hair color with highlights! Whether you opt for thin, fine highlights like the sun kissing or expressive highlights that catch your eye immediately, your hairstyle will take on a whole new dimension and extravagant look. If you want to make your own highlights , you have a choice of different color […]

Fashionable hairstyles for women over 50 and hair colors that make you younger

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