Strange handmade jewelry with real flowers and plants

Ruby Robin Boutique is an online store founded by designer Khrystyna, which specializes in making unique and wearable memorabilia. Her handmade jewelry is particularly creative and lets the calm beauty and expressiveness of nature shine in a special way. Handmade jewelry for the neck with wildflower Khrystyna’s handmade jewelery inspires imagination, inspires and admires small […]

Make necklace with tassel yourself – instructions and ideas for copying

Perfect Day Makeup – Instructions for brown eyes

Today, the professional make-up artist Danielle Dinkova shows us a perfect day make-up for brown eyes. It’s quick, durable and ideal for everyday wear, for school or for the first date. This make-up in the nude look discreetly emphasizes its own advantages and looks very attractive. Subtle tones in natural colors are currently very trendy […]

Make-up trends for Fall / Winter 2017 that you should not miss

Printing textiles – for every occasion and with style

Fashion, style and outfit – these terms stand for modern and fashion-conscious people. Age and gender do not matter at all. For every occasion, every fancy dress party and every event, there are convincing arguments and possibilities for those who want to print on their textiles and have their clothes made into a unique and […]

Tie ties with extravagant knots – 8 instructions for the advanced

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