Modern accessories: Sunglasses made of skateboards

Are you looking for a special sunglasses accessory that is anything but ordinary? Then we have an interesting idea for you, namely the following effective sunglasses. They are a work of Woodzee. The company aims to recycle old wooden objects to protect nature. For example, you use the board of old skateboards to make those […]

Skillfully combining jewelery and clothing – 27 ideas with their own style

Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve – 20 modern and effective ideas

New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that everyone likes to celebrate. If you are already planning your outfit for the occasion, we will help you with a few interesting hairstyles for New Year’s Eve . Take a look and let yourself be inspired by the stylish and original proposals! Hairstyles for New Year’s […]

Short Hairstyles for Women – Some popular and trendy haircuts

Hairstyles in Autumn – Stylish hairstyling for windy days

As the weather gets cooler, rainier and windier in the fall, you should also change your hair care habits according to the weather. The hair usually gets drier and should therefore be spoiled with products that give them back the lost moisture. Apart from that, most ladies also prefer hairstyles in the fall updos or […]

Short Hairstyles for Women – Some popular and trendy haircuts

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